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Upgrading SQL Server on Windows Server Core

This, thankfully is a quick and easy blog discussing the how's of an upgrade to SQL Server 2017 from SQL Server 2016 on Server Core.

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Upgrading MDT on Server Core

Updating MDT on Server Core

So, in my previous blog on PS without BS: Building MDT and WSUS on Server Core, I outlined

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Windows 10 and File Recovery

There were a lot of features in Windows 10 that were "different" to previous versions, and some changes were cosmetic, some were more useful. Among
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Lee's Word Troubleshooting Guide

This is part of a series of my notes and troubleshooting guides referring to Microsoft Office. They are all listed here:
Lee's Excel Troubleshooting

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Active Directory and the impact on Schema Updates

There are some considerations in modifying the Active Directory schema. I am hoping this will be helpful to others that may have similar questions. Despite
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'Log in with Facebook' feature lets web trackers scoop data
Schumer gets in on 4/20 celebration, voices support for marijuana decriminalization
Wells Fargo to pay $1B for mortgage, auto lending abuses
Philadelphia Eagles release CB Daryl Worley after scuffle with police, arrest
Van smashes into home and kills 90-year-old woman
Amazon blueprints lets you make your own Alexa skills
Florida woman hit in face with puck at NHL playoff game
Massachusetts preschool tells children to stop saying 'best friend'
The amazing tech in 'Black Panther' is more realistic than you think
9-foot alligator wrangled out of Florida homeowner's pool
Ringleader in $23M insurance fraud lived 'lavish lifestyle' with Bentley, $64G watch and oceanfront home
Scottie Pippen has $50G worth of tractors, equipment stolen from farm, cops say
Wells Fargo slapped with $1B fine for lending abuses
Keith Hernandez speeds from work to his Long Island home and police don't blink an eye, he says
Scottie Pippen has $50G worth of tractors, equipment stolen from farm, cops say

Today's History

2011: China releases two prominent human rights lawyers, Liu Xiaoyuan and Jiang Tianyong
2011: Nigeria's presidential election, held April 16, 2011, declares the winner is President Goodluck Jonathan
2010: Planes return to the air in Germany, France and Italy after being grounded by ash clouds from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano
2005: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan suffers a 5.8 magnitude earthquake
1999: Two disaffected students brought guns to their high school in Columbine, Colorado and murdered twelve students, one teacher and then killed themselves
1998: Federal court rules that Monica Lewinsky does not have an immunity agreement with Kenneth Starr
1997: Mark McGwire, is 4th to home run on Detroit Tiger left field roof (others are Frank Howard, Harmon Killibrew, and Cecil Fielder)
1997: Nick Price wins golf MCI Classic
1997: "Present Laughter," closes at Walter Kerr Theater New York City
1997: 27th Easter Seal Telethon raises $47,392,682