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Old Gamer VMs: I’m lovin’ it…

For those with some old CDs and games they’d like to play, check this out...

VMWare Fusion and Workstation does offer some great options

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VMWare Fusion and Old Gaming

So, I set out on a little project to create a VM from Windows XP and play some of my old games I had ISOed
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PS without BS: Displaying a popup box and killing it

This is a simple solution for those wanting to show a popup box, but not leave it up indefinitely. This may be useful if you
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PS without BS: Replacing Select Case True

This is a short blog to describe how to replace VBScript's brilliant "Select Case True" with PowerShell.

Instead of evaluating one variable, what happens

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When SQL has no certificate...

Yesterday I posted a blog on how to identify the SQL Certificate used. I had some questions come from this, and the biggest one
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Chevy brings back diesel
Leaders gather for key UN climate talks in Poland
School apologizes for 'sexist' dress code video
WATCH: Tucker rips calls for gun control after Texas shooting
Bill Cosby wants bail and accuses his trial judge of standing in the way
Deutsche Bank begins providing Trump financial records to NY attorney general
Adderley cousins connect across decades over life, football
Measles outbreak largest since disease was declared eliminated
Netflix may have to say goodbye to 'The Office' and 'Friends'
Man City inch closer to back-to-back titles
A mayor is giving his city's poorest residents $500 a month
Couple who dropped engagement ring in Times Square utility grate located
Europe's oil giants get the climate message
Facebook estimates up to $5 billion loss in privacy inquiry
Disney vs. Netflix: What you'd have now if you invested $1,000 10 years ago

Today's History

2011: A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia's southeastern island of Sulawesi
2011: Pope Benedict XVI performs Easter Mass at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City; he calls for dialogue and diplomacy to end Libya's unrest
2010: Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva rejects demands by Thai protesters to dissolve Parliament in 30 days
2009: Concern about spreading influenza from Mexico and the United States to other countries is expressed by the WHO
1997: "Steel Peer," opens at Richard Rodgers Theater New York City for 76 performances
1996: Highest scoring baseball game in 17 years - Twins 24, Tigers 11
1996: 31st Academy of Country Music Awards: Shania Twain
1996: "Jack-Night on Town with John Barrymore" opens at Belasco for 12 perf
1995: Court orders Darryl Strawberry to pay back $350,000 in taxes
1995: Dow Jones Index hits record 4303.98