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Remote Desktop

Removing a RemoteApp Session Host

Monday, April 10, 2017 in Technical Articles (Views: 1224)
Sometimes Windows Server features are not so straightforward, so here's one for those who have had this issue and are yet to figure it out.

When removing a RemoteApp server from a server pool, I came back to Server with the following message:

The following servers in this deployment are not part of the server pool:
1. (insert server FQDN here)
The servers must be added to the server pool

Of course if you deleted more, there would be a 2 and 3, etc.

The following PowerShell to the rescue:

I was able to enumerate the servers by using Get-RDServer and found the orphaned server with the {RDS-RD-SERVER} role.

I then ran this PowerShell to remove the orphaned server:
Remove-RDServer (FQDN of orphaned server) RDS-RD-SERVER
Of course, add a -force switch so you're not prompted.

When I went back into Server Manager, everything was fine again.

Another annoyance squashed.


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