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Fault tolerance on Hyper-V with a budget

Thursday, March 31, 2016 in Technical Articles (Views: 1425)
One major update to the website is reliability of the actual web server. So, how do we increase performance and gain reliability in case something happens to one of the server drives? Allow you to introduce you to my friend, Disk Mirroring (also known as RAID 1).

What does this do for the site?
With the host server running multiple SSDs, it made sense to create 2 equal VHDX files, and then set up a software RAID in Windows. The good side to this is that read times will be twice as fast, but the bad news is writes will be twice as slow. The good news is that most of the behavior of the website would be reading, not writing.

The most important bonus: If one disk goes down to a hardware failure, the other will be able to pick up for it. Let's not forget though, if files get corrupted, they will likely do this on both disks. It's fault tolerance and redundancy, not backup.

...and with this, we now have fault tolerant disks.


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