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Internet Explorer: Why won't this thing apply?

Thursday, December 17, 2015 in Active Directory (Views: 1481)
I wouldn't call it a funny incident, but will call it something Microsoft related, as usual. Now, to a point, I am not sure whether to thank Microsoft or curse them out. Take for example the issue of applying Internet Explorer GPPs:

Note that some of these settings are listed with a red underline, and some have a green underline.
    The red underlined ones are disabled, and will not apply.
    The green underlined ones are enabled and will apply

    Crazy enough?

    To fix this, simply go into the setting, like the home page, and either…
    1.Press F6 to enable the single setting
    2.Press F5 to enable all settings on the page

    To Disable:
    1.Press F7 to disable a single setting on the page
    2.Press F8 to disable all settings on the page

    You will see the settings turn red or green as selected. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas in here. :)

    Just a quick blog for those who are having trouble with applying Group Policy to your IE implementation.


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