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iPhone vs. Windows Mobile

Sunday, August 30, 2009 in Technical Articles (Views: 2463)
So let's get back to blogging... I've been asked several about the battle between iPhone and Windows Mobile - so here is my take on the whole "rivalry" between the two.

Some time ago, my sweet girlfriend and I were looking for a store at the mall. She asked me for my phone, opened the Windows Mobile version of Internet Explorer. This is an app that honestly, only the people who developed it could actually love. After about 10 minutes of abstract busy-ness (if that's even a word), she pulls out her iPhone, and within seconds, finds the store moved out of the mall.

What to make of this? It would take a salesman who would sell his soul and those of his children to the devil to even start this debate over why she should get a Windows Mobile phone over the iPhone.

The argument is that Windows Mobile is an enterprise ready device, and that the iPhone is just a toy. All I can say is that there are a lot of toys in the enterprise then. This also leads me to another logical side of the argument - which side really wins, is it better technology or more sales that makes a better product? Is it like Vince McMahon says, "Perception is Reality?"

The simple truth is that the iPhone works. It's already overtaking Windows Mobile, and probably someday will take over the Blackberry. There are some things, or features lacking, but in all honesty, you can't argue with the power of perception. The iPhone has sex appeal (and that's not just because the girlfriend has one), a lot of applications, and a lot of support. Windows Mobile has had the same interface and an incremental update every so often to call itself a new version. I've used Windows Mobile since PocketPC Phone Edition, and have a right to complain about it. So Microsoft had Windows Mobile out there for 7 years, Apple for about a year or so. Anyone want to guess what this rivalry will look like in 7 more years?

I will say one thing for Apple, by taking a page out of Microsoft's book. Apple has been notorious for making everything a very closed architecture, and decided to open up things. There are iPhone accessories everywhere, and apps are abundant. Sure, the GPS doesn't say directions or street names verbally (yet), but give it time. Maybe if Apple learns from this, they may move this to the Mac line - then you may have some interesting times in the desktop market.

Overall, people do want devices that are flashy, have sex appeal, and something that is worth showing off. Sure, the iPhone is a fixed size, not upgradable, but maybe someday they will lift this limitation. Windows Mobile has had the same interface for years, and I am under the impression that Windows 7 will be a complete rewrite. This is something I would be interested in, but not jumping quite yet. It won't be out for a little while.

One thing is for sure - the Zune and iPod markets are pretty much dead, as the phone markets have taken over. It could be interesting, even in a year, to see where the phone market is.


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