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Hi, This is Vinu...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 in Technical Articles (Views: 2994)
Since all e-mail that passes through the gateway becomes my property, allow me to forward to the entire internet a message sent to me (unedited) by a tech recruiter today...


This is Vinu from Attic Technologies, NJ. We have requirement for a citrix admin. Please let me know if you are interested.

Location : charloette, NC

Client: duke energy

rate: $ 45/hr.


Vinodha Sadasivam

(Contact information removed for security purposes)

Just a side note here, I have never once gotten an e-mail from "New Jersey" that wasn't from someone who sounded like, spelled like, or had a name like someone from India. Maybe they need to insult us like many call centers in the past (and still do) and make up western names, like George Bush. :) This guy couldn't spell worth, punctuate worth, or sell this position worth - a crap.

Anyone who knows me professionally also knows how I feel about tech recruiters. With some exceptions, tech recruiters (or IT Pimps) best contribution to the working society would be leaving it...

So, I have established for years the general uselessness of tech recruiters. And many would agree, they do suck. But has tech recruiters in this country as a whole sucked so bad we had to outsource that too?

Well, at least one thing wasn't made worse by outsourcing - for once, the quality remains the same. I'll let you decide in closing:

Is India catching up, or does the U.S. Worker suck that bad?


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